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Bierchot offers a sensation: "New Losada"

Bierchot offers a sensation: “New Losada”

It took a while, but with Lawrence Shankland and Ramiro Vaca, Beerchot finally managed to attract high-quality offensive pawns. Expectations for both newcomers are high and especially the arrival of Vaca can sometimes be a bull’s-eye.

red lantern

Despite its diminutive 1 in 15, the posture is still prevalent in Bierchot. Last weekend Peter Maes’ side lost 3-2 to Club Brugge, but Beerschot was far from playing outside Jan Breedel. The Mannekes fought for every meter and made their way back into the game over and over again. Beerschot’s performance is generally positive this season, but points still lag.

Beerschot holds the Red Lantern in the Jupiler Pro League today in large part due to a lack of offensive power and creativity. Together with OH Leuven and Sint-Truiden, Beerschot is one of the least productive teams in the Belgian league. The Mannekes have only scored four goals in five league games, and that rate can certainly be boosted in the next few games.

Ramiro Vaca

With Lawrence Shankland, a new player was already recruited, and to take opportunity creation to a higher level, Beerchot came out with Ramiro Vaca. The latter is one of the greatest Bolivian talents and therefore expectations are very high around him. “Vaka is the kind of player that appeals to the imagination,” chairman Francis Franken said earlier this week on the Bierchot Club website.

Instagram photo: ramirovaca8

Francis Francken continued: “International, he played against top players like Messi and Suarez, 22 years old and still a huge margin for growth.” Moreover, the Bolivian player is rare and innovative in the Belgian league. Perfect for current and future Bierschut.” Artistic Director Sander van Praet also praised his latest acquisition. “With his creativity and vitality, he fits perfectly in Bierschut’s DNA.”


Ramiro Vaca is the number ten technical skill, and he can also play on the wing or as a striker. And if necessary, also on the “eight”. The 22-year-old is a creative type and also has two men. In short, the profile is of critical importance to Bearshot today. It should be so, because creating chances has been a huge problem for the club this season. Currently, the average expected goal value per game is 1.17, while the season average was much higher last year at 1.71.

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With Lawrence Shankland as leader of the new disc and Ramiro Vaca, Beerschot should be ready to turn things around. Although the club waited a long time for the decisive offensive quality, Beerschot is already playing his fifth game in the league this weekend. But President Francis Franken did not want to rush. “Well, with Shankland and Vaca in the mix, I can see us getting back on track,” Gazette told Van Antwerpen. “The competition is also just over ten percent. Time to put things right.”

vacancy plan

Ramiro Vaca is known as one of the greatest talents in Bolivian football, with his style of play very similar to that of Hernan Losada. A few years ago, he was considered one of the most promising talents in South America, along with Rodrigo Goes (Real Madrid), Carlos Cuesta (KRC Genk), Yan Carlos Hurtado (Boca Juniors) and Facundo Colidio (Inter Milan, among others). leased to Sint-Truiden last season).

In the recent past, Ramiro Vaca has been in the spotlight for a Portuguese second tier team as well as South Africa’s Mamelodi Sundowns. But the number 10 in Bolivia was aiming for more interesting projects and was patiently waiting for the right club. The last edition of the Copa America at that time was the perfect platform for Faca to highlight the clubs in Europe. A man with a plan.

As Ronald Crespo, the former president of the Bolivian club Ramiro Vaca, made this clear before the start of the Copa America. “Vaka in particular wants to show himself in Copa America,” Crespo told Bolivian media. “There were talks with South African clubs, but we did not follow up on that,” he added. Vaca has always emphasized that his goal is to play football abroad. Preferably in Europe.

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America cup

Ramiro Vaca took over the Copa America podium to put himself in the spotlight from Berchot. The attacking midfielder has been a part of the Bolivian national team since he was 17 years old, and has become increasingly important over the years. For example, in the US Nations Cup group stage, he was a regular starter in three of the four matches. His solo performance was also more than decent.

Instagram photo: ramirovaca8

Ramiro Vaca was an important link in the Bolivian national team in the Copa America, which lost every group game. He presented himself as the ultimate manager, because no teammate has sent more passes than him. On average, Vaca was in the top ten among all the players participating in the Copa America in that segment. In addition, the Bolivian also managed to distinguish himself in June with an arsenal of pass threats.

waiting for vacancy

So this basic quality hasn’t gone unnoticed by Beerchot, as Ramiro Vaca is expected to provide the necessary creativity and menacing passing. Although the club must take into account a period of break-in and a necessary adjustment for his new addition. But Bierchut does not have the luxury of time. Argentine and Brazilian players usually need a certain integration period to adapt in Europe, but for Bolivian footballers this process usually takes a little longer.

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