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Big Star Wars Battle text box: KOTOR on switch 'intended'

Big Star Wars Battle text box: KOTOR on switch ‘intended’

Photo: Aspyr

If you enjoy Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic On the Nintendo Switch this weekend, one thing you’ll no doubt have noticed is the huge battle text box that appears when you engage in a battle.

Many players initially thought it was a bug, but Aspyr – the developer behind this version of BioWare’s legendary RPG – seems to have fixed it as intended. The Aspyr Community Manager explained this in detail discord (via p / fashion design):

Hi guys! I hope you liked the game already. Battle text box is the intended behavior, but we’re always happy to hear player feedback! You can send it to our development team at [email protected] or by submitting an application to Thanks a lot for your support!”

To clarify, the same Aspyr team member explained how this box was the intended dimensions as well:

“I asked about the size of the text box and as far as I know it was intended.”

Star Wars: KOTOR op Switch (Photo: Aspyr/Nintendo Life)

Players are now asking Aspyr to “fix” it by entering more speech bubble sizes or by disabling them in the options menu. But again, if you find it to be a problem, let the development team at Aspyr know.

And for anyone curious, here’s a screenshot from an old version on Steam – the battle text box is less clear:

Star Wars: KOTOR on Steam (PC)
Star Wars: KOTOR on Steam (PC) (Photo: Nintendo Live)

Other than that, Apsyr’s latest Star Wars release has done relatively well and outperformed the previous Switch version. Star Wars: Republic Commandowho witnessed Lots of problems at startup. Aside from the text box, how do you find KOTOR on Switch so far? And if you haven’t played what is considered one of the best RPG games ever, then Check out our review.

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