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Pixel 6 Magic Eraser shown in 13 fun examples

Pixel 6 Magic Eraser shown in 13 fun examples

Rita El Khoury / Android Authority

when Pixel 6 One of the most interesting features that Google has highlighted is the ability to digitally remove people and things from a photo. he claims magic gum, the option can “clean up” your images of passers-by, random strangers, and unwanted objects that are distracting from the main subject in the shot. It’s a great trick, and many of us have tried it to see how well it performs.

In general, Magic Eraser works relatively well. It correctly identifies distractions and finds an improper way to replace them with what should be behind them. But you can also take responsibility and manually select areas or objects to remove from the image. This can of course lead to some unwanted effects. And a lot of absurdity. crack AppleYour new MacBook Pro can be erased in an instant, as can your eyebrows, your food palette, etc. It’s incredibly fun – and a waste of time – to fiddle with this and see what Google’s algorithms will understand. And bless their little hearts in machine learning, they scramble for good results.

I decided to spend a few hours testing out the Magic Eraser and pushing it to its limits. In this serious, scientific and well-researched article, I will pass my findings on to you.

Our verdict: Pixel 6 is worth every penny

very scary movie

I admit that this shot of you actually in front of the water fountain in Geneva was intimidating at first, but it raised my face and is quite annoying. Who lives in this jacket? any of these? And why does the jacket not collapse? All questions we cannot answer.

colorful entrance

Barcelona’s famous Torre Glòries takes center stage in this potential landing image which could be a color rendering of the famous arrival movie poster. Let’s pray that the aliens inside learn to communicate faster.


Speaking of hovering, I spent the greater part of two minutes asking my husband to jump so I could take his picture during this beautiful hour of twilight. He jumped too low and I missed the shot. Not anymore. Now I can make it explode like a rocket, leaving the Earth away.

blind car

While you can remove all facial features from people and pets, I find that a bit distasteful, so I found my solace in the inanimate stuff. Like a Bugatti that looks like…blue, I think. Take notes, kids, that’s what happens when simple design goes too far.

flat bump

Everyone complained about the Pixel 6’s huge camera bump. You asked, and we did. Here’s the Pixel 6 Pro, without the bumps. This photo was taken six months after giving birth. The baby and mother are doing well, but the wide angle caused some problems during the birth process.

for continuity

Everyone loves clear lines, but sometimes the photographer (in this case me) is reckless enough to annoy them by putting things in front of them. Not anymore. This bug has been properly fixed while preserving the icing and background. I call this a win.

very broken chair

We return to Geneva to sabotage a city landmark, this time the famous Broken Chair. Hey, it was already broken when I found it! But since her posts about landmines were not well understood by everyone, I thought an additional edit was needed.

mysterious shadows

They may look cute and fragile, but flamingos are some of the toughest animals out there. NS I heard it on a podcast Once, but feel free to waste a few hours reading about how their blonde legs can freeze in lakes at night, forcing them to stay until morning when the ice melts. Or you can look at this photo where their legs are so skinny that they are almost invisible, but the shadows are there to remind us of their presence.

Nature took over

The gardener of this lovely home in Petite France in Strasbourg would surely hate me for this one. I spent many hours trimming and making sure all the papers were around the windows to get to my Pixel 6, drawing some jitters on the screen and spoiling all the hard work. But look at that lush green covering, even the upstairs woodman was jealous and decided to break into the windows as well.

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If you think you can dance

I love tennis, but have you noticed all those ridiculous moves the players make while trying to hit the ball? Oh, she didn’t. This is an example of Dominic Timm’s semi-dance. It’s all about timing and rhythm.

As you can see, the new Magic Eraser feature in Pixel can be an endless source of fun and spoilage. While the idea of ​​removing unwanted objects from photos is not new, the fact that it is available now means that more users can try it out. It’s even more impressive when you consider that it runs on the entire Google Photos library, not just the photos taken with the Pixel 6.