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Billy's, the former monk's café, is officially opening its doors

Billy's, the former monk's café, is officially opening its doors

After a day of testing the day before, it's time for real action on Thursday: Billy officially opens the doors. The café at Sint Katelijnestraat 42 was symbolically opened for the first time by comedian Erhan Demirci from Limburg-Brussels.

The former Monk's Café got a new name, new logo, different lighting and a comprehensive renovation. For example, all the refrigeration, faucets and working equipment in the basement, café and kitchen have been updated. A green roof was also installed over the dining room and acoustic panels were installed to reduce noise.

Beer and polo

Beer lovers seem particularly spoiled for choice. The café comes up with its own Belly beer, a collaboration with local brewery Belgoo. “It's a real Belgian beer, a Belgian IPA that ties in perfectly with the pasta we'll be serving,” says one of the new operators, Dries Heymann.

The café also introduces an innovative 'beer tank' tap system. This will be of better quality and no longer contain carbon, as is the case with draft beer. The pressure in the tank is regulated by an internal pump. Furthermore, a system has been introduced that makes beverage delivery more efficient.

Heyman previously said that the new team did not want to change much from the current concept. “We're back with a brown café, a wide range of beers – local too – and cocktails. And you can still drink coffee while reading a book.” “The newspaper reads that there will be dancing on Friday and spaghetti will be served in the back room, just as before, with the same ingredients and reasonable prices. Fortunately, we have been able to take on the entire kitchen team.”

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