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BioWare debuts Dragon Age: The Veilguard – Games – News

I think the comparison with the trilogy is justified. Of course not in terms of the story and they are different characters.

You can compare the quality with it. The problem is in the “standard”. If I create Game A and it is great, I expect Game B to improve and become the new “norm” within the company.

When I make Game B, I expect it to be as good as or even better than Game A in every way.

Andromeda wasn’t all bad, because the male model looked very good and looked like the actor. The model, on the other hand, looked dwarfed and did not resemble the actress at all. Why? Little did anyone know, there were a lot of masculine facial structures pushed into her face, especially the wide, square jaw. They did this extra for a reason.

Here’s a good example.

The facial graphics were pretty bad too. You might expect something different from Bioware after so many years of experience.

Like I said, I expect it to be as good or even better than the previous parts.

I mean, how can Andromeda’s leading lady look worse than a game released ten years before her.

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