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ICT player AE celebrates its silver anniversary

ICT player AE celebrates its silver anniversary

AE, the leading Belgian business, ICT and communications company headquartered in Leuven, celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. This will be celebrated with a unique version of the annual Re:connect event. Attendees, potential clients and employees will be immersed in keynotes, panel discussions and case studies on Friday, June 14. They conclude with a relaxing music festival.

“We have been a distinct player in the ICT space for 25 years, with a strong focus on synergies between business, ICT and employees. With great success, we are now a team of over 400 employees and work for around 100 clients, including big names such as VDAB And Q8 and D’ieteren,” explains Christophe Nieut, CEO of AE.

“Our ambition for the next 25 years is even greater, if possible: to make their way with our customers through an increasingly rapidly changing digital world. To this end, we are investing heavily in new technologies and constantly developing innovative solutions. All of this with a central goal: the challenges it brings The digital world with our customers
So they can thrive in a changing world.”

Re: bind event

AE did not want to let the silver jubilee pass. That’s why the annual Re:connect event is a little bigger this year and given an extra festive touch.

The opening keynote will be delivered by Ira Ariela Khi, an inspiring entrepreneur who heads Zamna Technologies (aerospace) and Sunflower Relief (a relief organization for Ukraine), two organizations deeply committed to the use of data and artificial intelligence. Building on that experience, Ira Ariella Khi will delve into the opportunities and risks of data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

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The closing speech is dedicated to Luc van den Hoof, President and CEO of imec, the world-famous Leuven research center for nanoelectronics and digital technology. It offers insight into how imec innovates in today’s ever-changing digital world.

Furthermore, Stephen De Haes, Dean of Antwerp Management School, will deliver a keynote address, followed by a panel discussion with Mariejke Schroes, General Manager of Microsoft Belgium, and Luc Neyssens, IT Director and Head of IT at Roularta Media Group and CIO of the Year. Johan Giloy. From Asirta. In between, clients come in to talk about the successful projects they’ve created with AE. Mediahuis, Q8, CM, Lecot, Crelan & D’Ieteren, among others, will take the stage. Technology partner Redhat will also be prominently present.

Musical closing

To end the day on a festive note, AE is organizing its own music festival and food trucks on Brightspace: Scrumrock, where attendees can enjoy food, drinks and performances by various DJs and artists. “We have always put our employees first based on the principle: happy people, happy customers,” says Christophe Newt. “So it makes sense for us to celebrate this 25th anniversary with our employees, customers and partners.