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Block in CC De Steiger and Hoeve Delaere

Block in CC De Steiger and Hoeve Delaere

Just like last year, Minin organizes Blokkot in Minin and Lewy. “We are doing this because these are not easy times for students and a quiet space to study is more welcome than ever for many,” says Mayor Eddy Lust (Open VLD).

Rooms that are used as Blokkot are accessible from Monday 10 May to Wednesday 30 June, each time from 8 AM until 10 PM.

Hof Dealer

In Minin, CC De Steiger will have a Corona safe room for 70 students. Studying at the permanent site at Park Ter Walle is not possible this year because Park Ter Walle Hall has been established as a fortification center.

At Lauwe, students can visit Hoeve Delaere Hall. There, a coraproof 24 student can study simultaneously. Rekkem students can choose one of the two available locations.


Reservation will be mandatory in the contact tracing function, and disinfection equipment will be provided to clean the contact surfaces upon arrival as well as upon departure. The direction of walking is also indicated, and wearing a mouth mask is mandatory.

β€œIn this way, we hope to meet the urgent needs of our youth and provide them with a place where they can peacefully study together,” said Board Member Greet Funrikim (N-VA) and a local councilor from Welfare Angelique Declercq (Furuyt).

The Ambassador of the Blockade

Students are also looking for students who want to stick with Blokkot Ambassadors and want to keep an eye on things and open and close doors. If you wish to do so, email: [email protected] (WO)

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