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Bob defends his mother-in-law: "But also pay attention to the way you express yourself."

Bob defends his mother-in-law: “But also pay attention to the way you express yourself.”

In his weekly address, Pope Francis defended the proper treatment of mother-in-law. “They are often victims of clichés.”

In what was supposed to be a discourse about treating different generations with respect, the church leader briefly discussed the mother-in-law, a difficult subject. The Pope told his audience in Rome that they also belong to a different generation, and therefore deserve respect.

“She is the mother of the one you love. Then at least make her happy,” said Pope Francis. According to him, mother-in-law is presented very poorly. They are often victims of clichés. I’m not saying we see them as a demon, but the term “mother-in-law” often has a negative connotation.

The Pope described having grandchildren as “one of the most beautiful things for a woman”. “When she has her children, it brings her back to life.”

just watch out

Although there is no one-sided praise for mother-in-law. “Also, pay attention to the way you express yourself,” admitted the 85-year-old Franciscus – who was no expert on the experience.

In 2015, the Pope made his audience laugh at his mother-in-law’s joke. “Families are arguing. Sometimes tags can fly there. Children can cause headaches. And then I didn’t say anything about my mother-in-law.

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