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Boeing Takes Step to Fix New 737 MAX Defects |  Economie

Boeing Takes Step to Fix New 737 MAX Defects | Economie

The flaws are sensitive in the aviation world, because this type of aircraft was previously not allowed to fly for nearly two years after two accidents within a few months. In both cases, a safety system was found to push the nose of the aircraft down frequently, even when this was not necessary. Crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia killed hundreds of people. The devices were released for further use only a few months ago.

Today’s mistakes have nothing to do with the corruption that occurred at the time and are not expected to take much time to fix. But when new problems surfaced recently, there was an immediate fear of fresh damage to Boeing’s image. It will become clear just how much this is really the case. Boeing also recently received orders from airlines wishing to purchase the 737 MAX aircraft.

It is unclear exactly how many devices suffer from electronic bugs. According to the Federal Aviation Administration’s Aviation Authority, this only concerns a specific group of aircraft and not the entire fleet. But recently, there have also been reports that it is likely that hundreds of devices manufactured since 2019 will have to return to the workshop.

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