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Tesla stopped using Bitcoin as a payment method after 49 days – Image and Sound – News

I don’t think your opinion is entirely based on solid research.

In any case, the future of payment systems and currencies cannot be based on “We’ll Solve It Together” and are fully supervised:

Bitcoin is specifically built to operate independently of oversight – government currency is based on trust in government, and governments around the world have shown that they cannot be trusted and are steadily devaluing the currency. Additionally, if money does not require energy to produce it, these costs simply shift into margin. Abundant Money = Rare Goods | Scarcity of Money = Abundant Goods. add on The petrodollar system costs nothing eitherOnly those costs are better hidden.

Kinda like fossil fuels and flies,

It’s easy to dismiss fossil fuels as harmful and wicked, but remember that accessing abundant and freely usable energy is essential to progress and prosperity. Fossil fuels have brought us that.

Eat meat, etc.

Meat is not harmful to the environment. Conversely, we need animals to produce enough food (only a very small portion of the Earth’s surface is suitable for agriculture, while you can only place cows / goats / sheep on a much larger portion) and to combat climate change (see for example). this videoWatch the documentary “Holy Cow” or learn more about regenerative agriculture).

Plants for meat are basically the same as the current Bitcoin money system. The energy used to grow plants is transferred to the margin (tractors, packaging, factories, etc.) while it can be seen instantly with the meat. When we talk about your supermarket burger, I definitely agree that meat is more polluting, but that does not mean that meat is harmful to the environment; The meat simply should be different.

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