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Boerhaave Additional Training – Geriatric Oncology

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Oncology treatments are often developed for relatively young and vital patients. Therefore, treating older and frail patients often poses a challenge. Due to the rapid aging of the population, we are seeing a sharp increase in the number of older patients with cancer. Due to the significant differences in vitality, optimal treatment for the elderly requires an individual approach. In collaboration with Boerhaave for further training, a combined course in geriatric oncology has been developed by LUMC.

If you are an oncologist, surgeon (oncologist), gynecologist, internist/clinical geriatrician or specialist nurse involved in oncology care for older adults, get further training on this topic during your mixed geriatric oncology course.

In this course we discuss in detail the evaluation and treatment of older patients with cancer and specific types of tumors common in this group.

You can immediately apply the learning materials from the course, which consists of preparatory e-learning and an on-campus course day, in practice.

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Boerhaave Additional Training – Geriatric Oncology 2024

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