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Vorborgs Dagblad | De Ruimte podcast by Huygens

Last week, the third episode of the De Ruimte van Huygens podcast was published, in which The Hague councilor Robert van Asten explains what is involved in building a tunnel for the A12 road and railway near Vorburg and The Hague.

This is the plan of the Huygenstunnel Initiative Group, from which the podcast series takes its name. Because if you put the A12 and the underground railway there, you will have space above ground for other much-needed things, such as houses and green areas. De Ruimte van Huygens includes several experts each exploring the possibilities of this tunnel plan from a different angle.

In the first episode, Hans van Oosten and Jeroen Trimbos, both part of the Huygenstunnel initiative group, explain their ideas. They lobbied for some time to go ahead with their plan. This has led, among other things, to the municipality of Leidssendam-Vorburg putting the plan on the political agenda in 2022. Geoffrey Keuss, Councilor of Leidssendam-Vorburg, talks about this in the second episode of the podcast.

Huygens' De Ruimte podcast can be heard via Spotify, Apple Podcasts and via the website of Stadsmussen, which produces the podcast:

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