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Bolingo once again improved her BR 400m on Athletics Night |  Athletics

Bolingo once again improved her BR 400m on Athletics Night | Athletics

On Saturday at Athletics Night in Heusden, Cyntia Bolingo honed her 400m record to 50’72. At an extraordinary 1,000m, Elise Vanderelst improved the BR, which has been around for 42 years.

A good month after Cynthia Bolingo broke the Belgian record for Kim Gevert in Montreuil, France, runners from Brussels showed that she had not yet reached her maximum limit.

On a wet wet track in Heusden I ran to a 50″ 72, a little faster than a 50″ 75 in Montroy. “I’ve been very focused on my race and that will be the case in Tokyo,” Bolingo said afterwards.

Bolingo is now third on the European Year list and appears to be increasingly claiming the singles final in Tokyo. “This is great for morale.”

“I’ve been asked several times if I’m in good shape too soon, but it’s starting to look like I’m not. It’s still a small month until Tokyo where a lot of things can go wrong, but I’m enjoying the shape I have now. On Monday I’m going to run one last race in Nancy.”

Vanderelst BR runs at 1,000m, Rosius takes second place at 100m

An attack by Elise Vanderelst on BR in the 1000m was announced and Vanderelst passed with flying colors during athletics night. At 2’35” 98, she was well short of Anne-Marie Van Nuffel’s record in 1979, which was 2’36” 80.

Earlier this season, Vanderlust, who qualifies for Tokyo, also set himself the national record in the 1,500 metres. She ran in Florence to 4’02″63. Vanderelst had to leave the win in Heusden for Kenyan Marie Mora at 2’34” 71.

American Chiara Parker won the 100 meters with a time of 11 inches and 22 seconds, and Rani Roseus came in second with a time of 11 and 44. Maryam Ollary, Ann Zaghari, Rani Fink and Justin Goossens finished fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth.

100 m 1. Kiara Parker (VS) 11’22
2. Rani Roses 11″ 44
legions 100 m 1.
400 m 1.
800 m 1. Christina Hering (Dui) 1’59” 95
1.000 m 1. Marie Mora (Kane) 2’34” 71
3. Elise Vanderlust (Bill) 2’35” 98
1.500 m 1.
High jump 1.
pole vault 1.
100 m 1. Martina Chorandy (Ned) 10″ 37
110 m legions 1.
200 m 1. Michael Bentley (JAM) 21″ 00
2. Kobe Fleminx (Bill) 21″ 20
400 m 1.
800 m 1. Cornelius Toei (Kane) 1’43” 76
1.500 m 1.
5,000 m 1.
javelin 1.
pole vault 1. Mino Flon (Ned) 5m75
3. Ben Brothers (BL) 5 m 65
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