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Did the feud between Richard Carapaz and the ex-Movistar team happen again yesterday?  |  Journey

Did the feud between Richard Carapaz and the ex-Movistar team happen again yesterday? | Journey

For Tadej Pogacar’s rivals, there is only one mission at the moment: to attack and try to make up for time. Richard Carapaz understood this message and took up the challenge yesterday, but the Ecuadorean didn’t get any return from it. Was he taken advantage of by his former team?

In the wrecking seventh stage final, Richard Carapaz fired like a torpedo at Signal d’Uchon, a Class II bastard.

Carabaz showed courage and daring in his fiery venture, but in the end his plunder was nothing.

The 2019 Giro winner would at one point have a minute in the group with Tadej Pogakar, but the Slovenian – somewhat isolated – was backed by Movistar.

Movistar? Bo Q? The rating of the team was cited as motivation, because the Spaniards – as the only team on the list of participants – wake up year after year.

But this impulse was very cheap. The 28-year-old Ecuadorean debuted in a Movistar jersey in 2019 and won the Giro that year, but Ineos Grenadiers tipped his sleeve.

Carapaz couldn’t resist the temptation (and the payment receipt), but Movistar was protected by a (pre-)signed contract.

After an unfortunate story, a flirtation with a British beauty led to a divorce quarrel with a Spanish childhood sweetheart.

When it was still a great love between Richard Karapaz and Movistar.

“Not the first time Movistar Carapaz has done this”

Richard Carapaz and his veteran manager Giuseppe Acuadro eventually got their way, but the breakup remained heavy on Movistar’s stomach.

Jose de Coeur recalls yesterday at the end of the match when it turned out that Carapaz was still trapped by the favorite group in the last straight line “He left with a brawl and they actually broke it last year in the Vuelta”

At the Vuelta a year ago, Karabaz Primoz Roglic was put to the test, but the Slovenian took the overall victory and also allowed a candle to be lit for Movistar’s mercenary army, which apparently preferred to see the Slovenian on top of the scaffolding of the former employee. On the way to La Covatilla they were Roglic’s saviour.

“Movistar, of course, has the right to lead behind whoever he wants,” Michele Yates added on Friday. “But does anyone on this team match up with everyone else?”

The phase in the Volta involved:

Movistar is angry at Ineos (and vice versa)

The outstanding bill was partially settled at the Tour yesterday which frustrated the British camp.

After finishing at Le Creusot, a Spanish journalist recorded how Michel Kwiatkowski (Richard Carapaz’s colleague) went to speak to Movistar bayonet chief Enrique Mas (or vice versa). Then the veteran Alejandro Valverde came to the Pole to read the Levites in one form or another.

Spain’s Eurosport gave its explanation for the bickering: Movistar was not pleased with the behavior of Ineos while searching for Carapaz.

The British wanted to protect their leader, but they had crossed the line in doing so.

According to the Spanish theory, Movistar survived the fall due to the maneuvers of Ineos. In other words, to continue.

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