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Book: Losing weight without bullshit

Written by the cultural editorial team.

Lotte Becker's latest book, Lose Weight Without the Bullshit, debuted this week at No. 1 on the 60 bestseller list. This was announced today by the Dutch Book Collective (CPNB). The Lot Beukers community (over 100,000 followers on Instagram) couldn't wait for this book and pre-ordered it en masse. Now it is the turn of the rest of the Netherlands.

Lot Buyers tells it like it is: Unfortunately, there is no magic potion or miracle diet for weight loss. Every diet works (for a while), but is not sustainable in the long term, so sustainable weight loss is never achieved.

Then what to do? Negative energy balance (eating fewer calories than you expend), a clear goal and tracking your diet. Does this mean never having good food again? Of course not, because life is a party and it should remain that way. This certainly also applies to those who want to lose weight permanently and sustainably, explains Lot. In Weight Loss Without the Bullshit, she explains all about nutrition, the workings of metabolism, and the role behavioral change plays in sustainable weight loss. And she does so without disguise. It debunks myths, puts an end to excuses and excuses, and explains exactly what is needed to take control and achieve results.

Including over 40 recipes to get you started.

“Losing 10 kilos doesn't have to be your goal. Your goal should be to create habits and a mindset that aligns with the 10 kilo lighter version of yourself. As an expert by experience, Lotte Bueckers (Arnhem) has lost over 30 kilos and kept the weight off. She is a nutritionist and works Exclusively on guides she now runs the successful platform, with a paid community (Beukers Family), master classes, podcast and Beukers Academy.

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I have already successfully trained thousands of people to lose weight sustainably. Lot does not mince words and tells you directly, but with a heart for the people.
First reader feedback

(*****) 'Recommended! A woman with a clear vision: Not for a quick fix, not a nutrition plan, and not for people with long toes. Many tell it like it is. No more, no less.' -Jantine

(*****) “This book is your new beginning” – Arik

(*******) 'Very nice book with a lot of interesting information about how to lose weight. There is no strict diet, but you will learn how to lose weight with regular food and how to adjust your lifestyle, not only for yourself but also for the rest of the family. It fits into normal life. – Kariya

(*******) “I can't wait to make all the recipes.” -Sweet Connection16

In short: there is no shortage of enthusiasm

Book: Losing weight without bullshit

Author: Lot Bueckers

Publisher: Cosmos