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Council - quickly create space for more homes?  - Neighborhood news

Council – quickly create space for more homes? – Neighborhood news

April 17, 2024 at 8:22 am

Opinion consultation

Following my previous consultation on informal care homes, a number of families responded. With input from these families, the SP and CDA will work to approve a pre-formal care home policy. So that these families – and others – can provide additional living space on their own property.

A resident approached me recently. He wants to divide a building in the city center into 6 apartments. However, the parking standard makes this impossible: 5 parking spaces on private property. I would like to connect with other residents who would also like to subdivide their home. I want to work with them to find parking solutions. Splitting homes is a good way to quickly create additional homes.

The province of Utrecht asks our municipality to arrange the reception of 152 refugees. At the same time, the province wants our municipality to provide space for large wind turbines. While our municipality in the province leads the way in generating sustainable energy thanks to its 60-hectare solar lawns. However, the same province prevents the construction of 1,000 homes in our municipality. Due to traffic flow on the N229.

As far as the CDA is concerned, Wijk is not limited to Utrecht only. Utrecht should also be there for Vick. Therefore, the Community Development Authority supports the Council's plans to combine the construction of homes for temporary shelter with the construction of homes for its residents. This is possible in a number of places outside the current built-up area. The county must allow this.

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Power generation via large wind turbines is a very sensitive issue. The CDA is not necessarily against it. But not without further ado. Windmills have many disadvantages. But also advantages. Only if the benefits (e.g., a significant additional influx of money for utilities and additional space for housing) to our residents outweigh the disadvantages, might the city development code favor wind turbines. The trade-off between the interests of local residents and the public interest remains difficult and complex.

Gerard Meijschels, party leader CDA Wijk bij Duurstede