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Boomelin on Knokke Off: “It will be very exciting”

Boomelin on Knokke Off: “It will be very exciting”

We are looking forward with great anticipation to the new project from our southern neighbors. Season 2 of Knokke Off is in the works, and this Flemish thriller series has not only been a huge hit in Belgium; Even in the Netherlands we were glued in front of the TV with every new episode. Pomilian, known as Louise in the series, gave a glimpse of what lies ahead in an interview with RTL Boulevard.

Knock is broken

Last year everyone was talking about the new season of Knokke Off. The exciting episodes take you through the lives of rich kids from the Belgian seaside resort of Knokke. Dan and his mother Melissa are staying at a campsite in Knock for the summer. The atmosphere changes completely when Dan meets wealthy people Louise and Alex. This promises to be anything but a boring vacation.

“I never expected this”

The series is produced by the Belgian channel VRT. So we had to wait and see before we knew if there would be more episodes. But if it were up to actress Pommelien Thijs, who plays Louise, there would definitely be a second season of Knokke Off. “I never expected it to continue like this,” she said in an interview with RTL Boulevard. “You try not to have expectations, but this is beyond everything. I really hope there’s a second season.”

Season 2 was officially confirmed early this year, and filming is well underway. VRT and Netflix excitedly announced last year that all the familiar faces would be in attendance once again. “Familiar components are retained. It becomes very visual and immersive. We expect a lot from it,” Ruth Degrave of VRT MAX told VRT NWS. Although the plot of Season 2 remains a mystery, one thing is certain: we are ready for it!

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Back to the group

We’re not the only ones, because Pomilian Thijs can’t hide her excitement either. In an interview with RTL Boulevard, she shared more about her experience on the set of the second season of the hit series. “It’s always nice to come home when you see everyone again,” says the actress and singer. “Now two years older than the first time,” because we’ve been waiting for a while to be able to enjoy the tension and drama that Season 1 gave us.

What awaits us? “I was pleasantly surprised when I read the script,” Pomilian laughs. “It will be very exciting again.” Of course we’ll keep you posted on the release date before we depart again for the seaside resort of our southern neighbours.