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Boris Johnson's personal mobile phone number has been online for 15 years |  abroad

Boris Johnson’s personal mobile phone number has been online for 15 years | abroad

A 2006 press release released below released the personal details of then-member of Parliament, Boris Johnson. For fifteen years, it was easy for anyone to find Johnson’s phone number online. Quite a few people appeared to have sought direct contact with the British prime minister, whose advisers had advised him to change the numbers earlier this month.

Joyeri Flemings

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The Guardian, The Independent, BBC

At the end of the relevant press release from 2006, Shadow Minister for Higher Education Boris Johnson was mentioned as the person responsible for calling his mobile phone number. Until this year, the document was simply online. Anyone looking for Johnson’s phone number found it easy.

The Guardian tried the number last night, but encountered an automatic message that the phone was “locked” and asked the caller to “try again later or send a message.”

Boris Johnson’s use of a cell phone hit the media recently after text messages were leaked between him, businessman James Dysons and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Earlier this month, 10 Downing Street did not deny that Simon Case, the head of the civil service, suggested that the prime minister change his number because his current number is so widely known.