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Polish scientists discover a pregnant mummy: “the only one in the world”

Polish scientists discover a pregnant mummy: “the only one in the world”

An archaeologist involved said she saw on x-rays what seemed familiar to her as a mother of three: a small foot. Investigators later determined that there was an embryo in the deceased woman’s body believed to be between 20 and 30 years old. The fetus was between 26 and 30 weeks old when the woman died.

X-ray pictures of a pregnant mummy.AFP photo

Why the fetus was not removed during embalming is not yet known. One of the participating researchers hypothesized that it might be an attempt to conceal the pregnancy. Another possible explanation could be a connection to faith and resurrection in the afterlife.

The research team talks about a unique discovery. We couldn’t find similar cases. This means that our “mummy” is the only one in the world in which a fetus was diagnosed, “it seems.

Free AFP image
AFP photo

The mummy was brought to Poland in the nineteenth century and is on display in a museum in Warsaw. It was initially thought to be the remains of a cleric who lived in the first century before or after Christ. Scientists are now taking into account that the body is older.

It remains unclear what exactly cost her her life. Researchers hope to be able to find out.

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