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Boston Dynamics will not stop using the Atlas robot, but will make a different version of it with electric motors – IT Pro – News

Boston Dynamics has introduced a new version of the Atlas robot that uses only electric motors for movements instead of the hydraulic joints of early versions. The atlas should be stronger and have more freedom of movement.

the Electric Atlas Just like the Hydraulic Atlas, it is a human-like robot that must also be able to lift heavy and complex objects. Boston Dynamics says it can improve the Atlas' capabilities with the new version, and is also investigating other grabbers for lifting objects. Although Atlas is human-like, Boston Dynamics says the robot should not be “limited by a human's reach.” Therefore, Atlas must be able to perform movements that humans cannot.

Boston Dynamics eventually wants to sell the Atlas commercially and will first conduct smaller tests with “a small group of companies,” including owner Hyundai. The robot company expects this stage to continue for years. Atlas must operate independently at Hyundai's automobile plants.

Atlas announced in a video earlier this week that it will discontinue the Atlas Hydraulic Robot. There was no electric version at the time, which made it seem as if the company would stop developing the robot entirely.

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