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Brabant people are arguing about the high voltage station for Geeland

Sustainable efforts such as wind farms or solar parks will no longer be able to get off the ground in Tolan and Schuen-Duvland because the network will not be able to discharge the electricity it generates. That is why additional high voltage stations are needed, including the 150 kV station at Schwen-Dowland and the 380/150 kV station at Holstern.

The star of Lebelstrot

Bergen of Zoom City Council’s largest party, GPWP, does not want a station in Agricultural Avergenbolder near Holstein and believes grid operator Tenneth A4 should reconsider Ster van Lebelstrod on the motorway. The place was briefly pictured, but eventually fell apart because there were houses.

Underground cable

The choice, made by Berkeley politicians, has implications for the construction site of the 150 kV station in Schwen-Duvland. The stations will be connected underground, with cable not exceeding 30 km for technical reasons. Osterland is only in the picture as the construction site for the Scorsese station, just a few kilometers away from the Brabant station to Lefebvre.

This would be another blow to the politics of Schuan-Duviland. Austerland is not a serious option. Konsrijk is a fertile land north of the Sealand Bridge, which is sandblasted between N256 and Zierikzee’s industrial area. The Council’s largest body, the Leaf Souven-Duvland, will submit an amendment to further inquire into Boulder on the other side of N256 during Thursday’s Council meeting.

According to Dennett’s schedule, Schoen-Duvland will have to make a decision by the end of this year and not after Bergen of Zoom. Network strengthening near Schouwen-Duiveland, Tholen and Bergen op Zoom should be completed by 2025.

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