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Jaspery Red Word Chesperry Rupert 20 Kiwifruit in 2022

Jaspery Red Word Chesperry Rupert 20 Kiwifruit in 2022

Chespree has confirmed that its red kiwifruit will be named Jespri Rupert ™ Kiwifruit in 2022, the first year that commercial modules will be available.

Jasper Red Kiwis was launched in December 2019 as Jasper Red. But it’s still about sales testing. By 2022, business blocks will be available for the first time in New Zealand, Singapore, Japan and China. The brand name will change to Zespri RubyRed ™ Kiwifruit and is expected to increase in size from 70,000 trays by 2021 to about 250,000 trays by 2022.

According to Jeun Shih, Crop Manager at Jasper, the new name reflects the properties of the fruit and has been well received in consumer research.

“Consumers are impressed by Kiwis’ unique color details and delicate fruit flavors. We are very pleased with their feedback,” says Shih. “Consumer response to our sales trials over the past three seasons has exceeded expectations and Jaspery Rupert says kiwifruit has the potential to attract new and young consumers. Red kiwifruit would be a great addition to our supply from the best kiwis in the world.”

“As we move into our red kiwifruit commercial volumes, we are looking for names that better contain the essence of the fruit, which we hope will resonate with our consumers. That gives the impression of an attractive red. “

Shih They have conducted consumer research in many markets and are translating the new name into multiple languages ​​considering the wide appeal of the fruit in Asian markets. The name is currently listed as a trademark of Jasper in major markets.

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“Due to the short lifespan of the Jasperi Ruby Red Kiwifruit compared to Jasperi Sun Gold and Jasperi Green, we give priority to Asian markets as the maritime transit time is shorter,” Shih said. “However, we know that there is a strong demand for red kiwi in our other markets, including Europe.

“We are committed to providing the world’s leading, fresh, high-quality and food-safe kiwi fruit, and we look forward to bringing more consumers to enjoy the Jesperry Ruby Red Kiwi fruit in the years to come,” Shih said.

Chesapeake Ruby Red Kiwif is available in New Zealand, Singapore, Japan and China from March to May 2022.

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