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Brand new, new wireless headphones

Brand new, new wireless headphones

Nothing has officially released its first wireless earbuds today: the Nothing Ear (1). Nothing is brand new from OnePlus founder Carl Pei.

Read on after the announcement.

New Nothing Ear (1) has a stunning design and great features

The Nothing Ear (1) has a unique design in clear plastic, which reveals some of the interior. A red or white circle was drawn on each earphone to indicate the left and right ear. This way you won’t be confused about which earbud belongs to which ear.

In addition to the eye-catching design, there is active noise cancellation, Bluetooth 5.2 and IPX4 water resistance. The ear (1) comes in a matching charging case that can be charged wirelessly. The earbuds pair quickly with Android smartphones.

Active Noise Cancellation is an important part of Nothing Ear (1). This technology uses three microphones on each earbud and can adjust according to the ambient noise. For example, there is a light mode for quieter environments and a powerful mode for noisy environments.

In addition, there is a transparency mode, so that users can understand others well during the conversation. Transparency mode can also be useful in traffic. During phone conversations, microphones are used to cancel out background noise.

Long battery life and Find My Earbud function

The ear(1) provides approximately 6 hours of battery life with active noise cancellation turned off. In combination with the charging case, the headset has a battery life of up to 34 hours. This drops to 4 and 24 hours respectively with Active Noise Cancellation enabled.

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Both ears are triggered by tap and movement gestures. Users can easily customize it with the accompanying app. The app also features EQ controls and Find My Earbud features. This allows users to adjust the sound to their taste.

Interested in new headphones after reading this article? You can order Nothing Ear (1) at Belsimpel.nlPriced at 99 euros.

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