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Brazilian electoral court opens investigation into Bolsonaro case |  abroad

Brazilian electoral court opens investigation into Bolsonaro case | abroad

In Brazil, the highest electoral court TSE (Supreme Court Eletural) is investigating President Jair Bolsonaro over his persistent and unproven attacks on the legitimacy of the electronic voting system. It has been used since 1996.

The Supreme Electoral Court will also ask the Federal Supreme Court to investigate the far-right leader for spreading false news about the election during a Facebook Live broadcast last Thursday. For more than two hours, Bolsonaro said he was convinced there had been fraud in the latest presidential election.

The Supreme Electoral Tribunal’s investigation will determine whether President Bolsonaro has committed crimes such as “abuse of economic and political power, abuse of media, corruption, fraud, veto by government officials, and exorbitant propaganda in his attacks on the electronic voting system and the legitimacy of the 2022 general election.” .

The head of state, who wants to run for re-election, is not calling for a return to paper ballots, but wants an electronic vote to print a receipt so that the votes can be recounted in the event of a dispute.

Bolsonaro finds support from part of his constituents. And on Sunday, thousands more took to the streets in several Brazilian cities, including São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia, to defend printed ballot papers.