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"Brian Heinen can also act like Former, but we don't put him on social media" |  Jupiler Pro League

“Brian Heinen can also act like Former, but we don’t put him on social media” | Jupiler Pro League

It was a great picture in the photos that Club Brugge posted after the first game against Anderlecht: Ruud Former, who was furious during the first half.

Coincidence or not, the first fifteen minutes of the second half was the period in which Club Brugge played better. The club’s coach, Philip Clement, asked about this at the press conference for the match against Genk.

“But there were also very different things said during the first half than just inviting each other to show more energy. With more energy, we couldn’t play better in the second half.”

John van den Brum also saw the video. Genk’s coach laughed, “I laughed at this video, this is really Dutch.” “Brian Heinen can do that too, but we don’t put it on our social media.”

“I’m not surprised by Former’s reaction. It happens a lot in the Netherlands. I think as a coach you can exit your ‘page’ once a season. So you have to think carefully when you do that.”

Did Van den Brum really have to play his trump card? “I haven’t done that this season. But if it is necessary against Club Brugge to change things and win the game, then I will.”

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