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What about Axel Witsel, more than a week before the European Championship was chosen?  "He can start running in the field" |  Red Devils

What about Axel Witsel, more than a week before the European Championship was chosen? “He can start running in the field” | Red Devils

Red DevilsAnother week and Roberto Martinez will announce his selection for the European Championship – D-day 17 May. With or without Axel Witsel? What about rehabilitating him now? “He can start running on the court,” says Father Thierry.

Pictures taken four days ago were encouraging. Axel Fitzel doing the Move to Cure exercises. He stepped on the ball, and his recovery appears to be going smoothly. It’s been four months since Vetsel underwent surgery for a torn Achilles tendon. At the end of January, Terry’s father rated his son’s chances in the European Championship “0 percent”. With the request “Back in a few months. Maybe I could put a different percentage on it.”

He laughs when we remind him of that. “I’m not going to express myself in percentages, because I really don’t know what his chances are at the moment. It all depends on the coming weeks. Axel can start running in the field. We need to see how he reacts to that. We’re definitely at an advanced stage in the remake. Qualification – that’s the most important thing. The intensity will increase. We may be able to make a better estimate soon. “

It is definitely wonderful that UEFA decided to expand the European Championship selection to 26 players. It increases the chances of Witsel being present. “He definitely allows us to hope,” concludes Terry. “But we must not forget that he hasn’t been on the field for a long time. Suppose – and I say clearly – he’s called up, I’m not sure he’s going to play right away in the group stage. Maybe a raid every now and then. We’ll see.”

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Also when we speak about the Axels goal I cant stop myself by thinking about Paul Rabil’s Lacrosse Goals and this all happened because he practised hard in his yard with his own Lacrosse Net and that helps him achieve this in his game of Lacrosse

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Thierry Witzel, Axel Fitzel’s father © Photo News