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Brisk looks to clash with STVV with confidence: 'We are beginning to see the true qualities of Antwerp' |  Jupiler Pro League

Brisk looks to clash with STVV with confidence: ‘We are beginning to see the true qualities of Antwerp’ | Jupiler Pro League

Jupiler Pro League“It was a fun weekend, huh.” Brian Bryskey looked visibly relaxed looking forward to the match against STVV today: “It makes sense to do a spin sometimes.”

Because Antwerp already played in Ostend on Friday, Brysky can watch the competition’s matches from his seat.

“I watched almost every match,” he laughs. “It was a fun weekend, huh. Well, it’s always in Belgium. Many good clubs, many good players.”

The Antwerp coach expects STVV to make it difficult for them again. Saint-Truiden beat Antwerp 2-1 over Stijn at the end of November. It was one of the least played for Antwerp players this season. “I still have the same image of this team. They play football the same way they played back then. They just lost Suzuki (returned to Japan, editor) and Konate in the Africa Cup.”

However you look at it: for a team like STVV, that means losing quality.

For his part, The Great Old took six out of six after the short winter break. Training in Portugal as a catalyst for good results. “This week has done us a lot of good,” Brisky says. “We’ve trained well, spent more time as a group. You need moments like this as a team. Now we’re starting to see the true qualities of Antwerp. Is the automatic coming to an end? I thought things were starting to get better before the new year too.”

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Another busy period is approaching with many matches for the great old. STVV, Ghent, Kortrijk, and Union. Brisky smiles: “Everyone loves competitions more than training, so there is no problem in this regard. Moreover, as a group we have experience of a busy program.

Read: Antwerp played in the European League. The Antwerp coach can count on a wide range of players. Wealth is great, and mutual competition keeps everyone on their toes. “Everyone has to perform individually. Every match and in fact every minute you are on the field.”

Priske will basically rotate quite a bit over the next two weeks. “Ah, with each team it makes sense that you have to change every now and then,” he concludes. “Of course with this program you have to dare to make choices. But I will definitely not spin. I look at what I see on the field, during training and with the opponent. Sometimes you need different profiles in some matches.”



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