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Dante Vanzier: "The title is not necessary for us but for the teams behind us" |  Jupiler Pro League

Dante Vanzier: “The title is not necessary for us but for the teams behind us” | Jupiler Pro League

Dante Vanzer caused an unlikely apotheosis in Union-Genk: the penny could fall to both sides at the end of the match, but in the 100th minute Vanzer scored the winning penalty: 2-1. A good start to four parts: Now Klopp, Anderlecht and Antwerp are waiting. “There’s no pressure. We’ll do whatever we can, but the address isn’t necessary,” Vanzier says.

Stunning in Duden Park yesterday, this is what fans saw in the woods around the stadium. “It was a great match,” Vanzer smiled. “There were chances for both sides, and then to score at the end is great.”

“I heard that after a penalty there will be a whistle, so I knew it would be all or nothing. In the end it turned out to be everything. I am very happy because the team did an exceptional job today and we were able to keep the three points at home.”

Vanzer took his responsibility: “We take turns, every game changes something. Today it’s my turn. And whether it’s the first or last moment, against Genk or not, I will always take that responsibility. Trust it.”

“The playoff I am now a healthy ambition, our season has already been successful”

Union is nine points ahead of Club Brugge, who played 2-2 in Liege. Antwerp follows with 10 points, and Anderlecht with 11, No. 5 AA Gent already on 17.

So the story of the doctoral student will continue. “It looks very good already. But we’re basically looking at ourselves. Of course, towards the end of the season it’s getting more exciting and there’s more pressure.”

However, everyone in and around the federation wants to maintain this situation: “For us, the season has been really successful anyway. We are looking at it game by game. We now have two weeks with matches where you can do it in the first division. We just have to enjoy With this experience, we will see what the result will be.”

“We don’t put any pressure on ourselves. These are great matches. Of course we will do everything we can to win, but without pressure.”

It now appears that the Champions Qualifiers (with the top four places) are real. “A lot has to be done to let go of that, even though it hasn’t been done in football. But to get the playoff I am now a healthy ambition for the team.”

And what about the title? “If it is possible, we will definitely strive for it. But it is not necessary for us, for the teams behind us it is necessary to win the title. For us, this is just a good boost. But of course everyone is ambitious and we will do everything we can.”

“Of course we will do everything we can, but without pressure”

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