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British press baffled by Buckingham Palace 'lies' about Queen's hospitalization |  Property

British press baffled by Buckingham Palace ‘lies’ about Queen’s hospitalization | Property

According to the British royal press, it is unfortunate that Buckingham Palace “lied” on Wednesday about where Elizabeth was staying at the time. Richard Palmer of The Daily Express said on Twitter: “The danger to the palace is that concerns about the Queen’s health will increase if the public and the press do not trust the royal family to be honest with them.”

Robert Jobson of The Evening Standard agrees. The Queen is “the head of state. He’s from this country, not North Korea.” Daily Mail’s Rebecca English believes the Queen has a right to privacy, but doesn’t think that’s why it should have been said she was At Windsor Castle rather than the hospital, this should have been clarified soon after her resignation.

The BBC’s Nicholas Witchell believes that false reports from Buckingham Palace will lead to further speculation about Elizabeth’s health. “The problem, I think, is that rumors and misinformation always thrive on a lack of true, accurate and reliable information,” he told BBC Breakfast.

It is still not clear what is going on with the Queen. According to the British court, it is working fine. A well-informed source told British media on Thursday there was “no need to worry”.

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