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Three things we remember from the house tour...

Three things we remember from the house tour…


for fashion magazine Vogue magazine Singer Adele opened the doors of her spacious home in Los Angeles. As she roved, she answered a whopping 95 questions from fans around the world. We’ve picked three amazing answers and offer style advice from the British.

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It may be the British singer’s home in Los Angeles, but you immediately imagine yourself in the British countryside. “That was the point,” Adele said in the twenty-minute video. β€œI wanted to bring the British countryside to Los Angeles. I find it very calm and warm.” The same with her beautifully decorated garden.

Adele also has a great collection of books in the living room. including the book stoned drunk glossy dead by Rick Myrowitz and Elvis and the birth of rock and roll By Robert Santelli Stand Out. “I think you can tell from the bookcase what a occupant looks like,” says Adele. β€œAt least in the past, because nowadays people hardly have any books at home. They either read something on their smartphone or not at all.”

The singer also has an eye-catching frame in her living room. “James Cordon, better known as Carpool Karaoke, knows I’m a huge Celine Dion fan. While he was in the car with her, he asked Celine to spit out her gum. He grabbed the gum and framed it. It was a lovely gift, and probably the most precious thing I owned.”

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see Adele’s wardrobe, but we remember her advice: “Everyone needs a comfortable jacket in their wardrobe,” which leads us to suspect that the star, who wore a tracksuit, had more than one comment. It’s also formal about applying eyelashes: “Let someone else apply it.”

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