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Britney Spears Accused Of Beating Housekeeper And Lawyer Talking About "Popular Gossip" |  Famous People

Britney Spears Accused Of Beating Housekeeper And Lawyer Talking About “Popular Gossip” | Famous People

UpdateBritney Spears, 39, was questioned by police because one of her housekeepers filed a complaint against her. Britney and the woman argued about Britney’s dogs, and Britney came out violently. Spears’ attorney Matthew Rosengart called the allegations “tabular gossip” in response to Us magazine.

Police were called last Monday about an unfortunate incident at Britney Spears’ home. According to a source from showbiz medium TMZ, Britney’s housekeeper told police that she took one of her dogs to the vet because there were discussions about animal welfare.

When the housekeeper came home, she confronted Britney about the dog’s health, at which point Britney took the phone out of the housekeeper’s hand. According to the same TMZ source, the housekeeper had gone to the police, after which officers called Britney to hear her side of the story. But the singer did not want to talk to them. The Ventura County Sheriff told NBC News that the housekeeper was unharmed, but police are investigating the case as a “very minor assault.”

Attorney Rosengart says the allegations were fabricated and that Spears’ word against the housekeeper. “Anyone can make a claim, this case should be closed immediately.”

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