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'Everybody's Famous' celebrates Season 10 with Memorial Week: New episodes from the hottest titles |  showbiz

‘Everybody’s Famous’ celebrates Season 10 with Memorial Week: New episodes from the hottest titles | showbiz

televisionEverybody Famous is celebrating, because season 10 of the popular daily magazine, packed with amazing sections, will air this fall. And the makers don’t just let it pass: The new season is festively presented on Anniversary Week. That week, some great and memorable sections from the past nine years will receive a new episode for the occasion.

The week begins with the “red thread,” the six-year-old actuarial department where a red phone rings in a public place and “everyone is famous” enters a conversation with the person who answers. For the occasion, the “Shopping Cart Test” is also back. For three days, “Everyone Famous” settled in Lidl in Lokeren and people could race there with their shopping cart.

In “De speeddate,” two individuals are paired up while riding a roller coaster. And “The Coach” also returns because he realizes that “everyone” is still not famous. Anonymous Fleming can still use his help, motivate and encouragement.

Happy to see you again

Ledwig Newton and Philip Goebbels are back. Six years later, Newton again took the camera across her street. She visits old acquaintances and meets new residents. Four years later, Goebbels returned to the “advisory committee” that had always given him good advice.

This all sounds promising, but Celebrity Everyone’s Anniversary Week has a lot in store for us. There are many sections that go back. Just think of ‘Kindergarten Class’, ‘Newspaper Chicken’ and ‘Koekskes & Boekenkes’ by Cesca Shooters. In addition to “Back Seat”, “Sharpener”, “Pcyclist” and “Same Scene From Home Every Week”. In this final and legendary column, Marianne and Rosa argue about the fact that not everyone has to be famous.

You can discover the other sections from Monday, August 30th in Everybody Famous Anniversary Week. See you at 7:40 PM on One. A week later, starting from September 6, the new season of the popular TV series will begin.

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