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Broadcast tips.  A Surprising Confession by Bomilian Theis and Morgan Freeman Explores Past Glory |  Showbiz

Broadcast tips. A Surprising Confession by Bomilian Theis and Morgan Freeman Explores Past Glory | Showbiz

There’s nothing better than lying on the couch after a busy work week and watching a series. However, with all these different streaming services, can you no longer see the trees in the streaming forest? So we’re there every Friday to help you. Brand new series, the latest season of old heroes or hidden gems: you will discover them here.

“MakeUpDate” – VRT MAX

Through “Make Up Your Mind,” VTM was able to convince five male BV members to abandon their shyness and transform themselves into drag queens for a day. Those who can’t get enough of the awesome transitions can now also watch VRT MAX. In MakeUpDate, TikTok star Bert de Kock meets eight famous faces who get candid about themselves during a make-up session.

Contributing to this first season are “#LikeMe” faces Sally Haidara, Arno “The Kid” van Impe and presenters Julie van den Steen and Kawthar Halalouche, among others. These young role models talk with Bert about their experiences and insecurities, and pick out who they really want to see in the mirror. The result is not a classic beauty tutorial. A new VRT MAX series full of make-up, lots of humor and surprising confessions. For example, Sally says that when she started #LikeMe, she initially didn’t want to know anything about… Pommelien Thijs. We’d like to let you know if everything went well after that.

“This is going to hurt” – Flanders TV

Are you looking for a successor to “Grey’s Anatomy” that is reminiscent of “House MD” in terms of humor? Then you may have found that gem with the phrase “This will hurt you.” In this British hospital chain, everything takes place in the maternity ward.

For This Is Gonna Hurt, the filmmakers relied on Adam Kay’s memoir. He is now a writer, but in the past the Briton was a doctor in the NHS, the public health service in Great Britain. Neither his book nor the series paint a rosy picture of the hospital where Kai seems to work almost endless shifts. Thanks to his dark sense of humour, Adam (Ben Whishaw) manages to hold his own, although he can’t avoid an error in judgment in the first episode. Miss still haunts him for the rest of the series.

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“Life on Our Planet” – Netflix

He already showed his more divine side in “Bruce the Great,” and once again Morgan Freeman presents himself as a powerful narrator. Especially for Netflix, it breathes new life into already lost species in “Life on Our Planet.”

Today there are twenty million species on our planet, but this is just a snapshot. 99 percent of the Earth’s population has been lost over the years. But that doesn’t mean the story of these breeds isn’t fascinating. Using the latest technological advances, these long-extinct creatures are being brought back to life. And who better than actor Morgan Freeman – the American version of David Attenborough, if you will – to narrate this series?

“Margo” – Streamz Premium+

Halloween is fast approaching and streaming services haven’t noticed. For example, Streamz Premium+ offers the sci-fi/horror movie “Margaux.” It’s all about several final year students who are about to graduate and want to celebrate their last days in school in a high-tech house.

However, the house’s artificial intelligence – named Margo (Susan Bennett) – is not happy about this and wants to kill its visitors. The students’ carefree weekend party quickly turns into a nightmare when they realize that Margo wants to take them out one by one. The young people’s time is running out as they desperately try to survive.

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“” – VRT MAX

Feeling nostalgic cache And biscuit? In the new VRT MAX series “”, MNM DJ Manu Van Acker guides his audience through the most memorable events and phenomena from the history of the Belgian Internet. No grainy archive photos, but key landmarks and Internet heroes from our World Wide Web past.

In “”, the famous e-sports commentator Eefje Depoortere – known as Sjokz – appears, Ghent Netlog is revived for a while and Manu participates in “Start 2 Run” – the most popular Flemish podcast for ten years. . For Manu Van Acker, this series was a dream come true, he says. “I’ve been using YouTube since I was a kid, thanks to my dad teaching me to look up sketches from Chris & Co,” says Van Acker. “This program has also been a journey for me Down memory lane. I forgot many things for a long time, but by creating “” everything came back to my mind!”

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