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Van Ranst on the opening of the stands: "Now is the time to be careful" |  Instagram VTM NEWS

Van Ranst on the opening of the stands: “Now is the time to be careful” | Instagram VTM NEWS

Virologist Mark Van Ranst understands that the advisory committee made a decision to reopen the stands on May 8, but calls for caution. After all, there is no lasting improvement in numbers in hospitals. He said on VTM Friday evening: “Four people from four different bubbles without a mouth mask close together around a table, this is dangerous.”


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It is difficult to determine the effect of reopening the stands on corona numbers, according to the virologist. “We have to do it in a reasonable way. Four people of four different bubbles without a mouth mask are near each other around a table, and that’s a risk. It should be done in a well-ventilated place, and there shouldn’t be an indoor atmosphere created outdoors on any ADVERTISEMENTS: (…) But you can also be sane and stick to family bubbles, then you will succeed, “Van Ranst says.

Archive photo of Marc Van Ranst at the reopening of the restaurant industry in Leuven in June 2020. © Joel Hollerts / Photo News

The virologist realizes that the government has made a decision to reopen the stands. “I understand it wasn’t easy for politicians to delay this any longer. But the facts are the same. We can only warn: Be careful.”

His colleague Stephen Van Gucht also expressed his concern. “Sitting at the table with four different people still has more risks than agreeing with four people outdoors, five feet away,” said a virologist at VRT NWS.

Stephen Van Gucht.

Stephen Van Gucht. © Photo News

Van Gucht recommends taking the opportunity to sit at the table on an outdoor patio with only your family members or with your close communication in the moment. “At the moment, we still have to avoid seeing too many different people and mixing with a lot of different people. May 8 is still too early for that.” Van Gucht noted that the rules for outdoor terraces in the Netherlands are more stringent.

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