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Bronze!  Jumpers still give Belgium a sixth medal |  the Olympics

Bronze! Jumpers still give Belgium a sixth medal | the Olympics

The Belgians had been excited about a good result in the team competition beforehand, and that feeling was reinforced by a disappointing singles final. Peter DeVos, the alternate for Our Country with Claire Z, was the first to enter the arena. The competition started well with 4 penalty points after clicking on the crossbar of the spoon on the bull.

Jerome Gehry was our second iron on the fire. Quel Homme De Hus has already jumped an excellent championship and this was no different. It kept clear, and after two sets, Belgium ended up in fourth place, with as many penalty points as the USA and Sweden but with a slower time.

Wathelet, as a third man, knew what he had to do: put on a clear tour. He couldn’t do that because he collected 8 penalty points on Nevados’ back after, among other things, a triple fork foul. Thus, the medal hopes of the Belgian team seemed to be lost.

Especially because the US and Sweden then kept it at 4 penalty points. And it looked like France, with only two penalty points after two sets, was on its way to the gold medal. But with Penelope Leprevost things went wrong. Vancouver rejected D’Lanlor twice and therefore was disqualified. Drama for France, but there was still encouragement in the Belgian box. It’s not the prettiest way to win a medal, but the bronze was with 12 penalty points.

The release of the Belgians was great, but it was still exciting for gold. Sweden and the United States finished with 8 penalty points and had to decide who became the Olympic champion in a jump.

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Sweden was already more impressive here at the Games, but America also did well in the jump. All formulations remained clear and so have worn off with time. On this basis, the Swedish team was allowed to express their joy. The United States, with Jessica Springsteen, had to make peace with silver.