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SpaceX assembles its own spacecraft

SpaceX assembles its own spacecraft

The space race of three ambitious billionaires has recently entered a new phase. Bezos wanted to outdo Musk and Branson by being the first to go into space himself, but at the last moment Branson was sweeping the grass before Bezos’ feet again. Musk anyway is the last of the three. And so Elon thought, “I’m going to put my rocket together.” As a result, he can now boast the largest and most powerful space rocket ever.

Starship outperforms Saturn V

Yesterday, Musk posted on Twitter some photos from the moment of two parts of Starship They are placed on top of each other. This makes the 120-meter-high spacecraft and at least 29 thrusters the largest and most powerful rocket ever. The previous record dates back to the 1960s and was kept by the Saturn V rocket. It is probably known as the rocket with which the various lunar flights were made.

For Musk, this moment was a dream come true, according to the billionaire. In the meantime, the missile has already been disassembled and returned to its storage shed. The first test flight of the SN20 is scheduled for later this year, but it is not yet known exactly when that will happen.

Fotocredits: Elon Musk @ Twitter

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