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Brooklyn's fresh store opens its doors in Kortrijk

Brooklyn’s fresh store opens its doors in Kortrijk

On Friday morning the Brooklyn Kortrijk team opened their doors wide at Korte Steenstraat because Brooklyn Kortrijk is brand new.

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Brooklyn, which has stores in Ghent, Ostend, Roeselare, Kortrijk, and Kortrijk, is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary this year. This anniversary, Brooklyn Kortrijk has been given a whole new look. Manager Ubbe Descamps explains: “The store was instantly fitted with the same concept you can already like in our other stores in the district.” A complete renovation was completed in about 4 weeks. “It was a real achievement. Our passion for jeans – our cool feature – and our love for vibrant cities like Kortrijk must be reflected in the renovated store. We are trapped between big cities like Ghent and Lille, and in order to keep pace, we have to keep reinventing and investing: our store. Madi has “real” people. That way we can also bring tourists here.” The new interior design was designed by Five AM design studio and is based on the urban concept of Brooklyn. Olivier Calluer is the concept creator. “This resulted in a remarkable global shopping experience,” Oliver says. ‘Texture and structure as in a city’ The store has an area of ​​440 square metres. “We made full use of the space and created a kind of hallway. The men’s and women’s ensembles are combined intuitively, with trousers and jeans as the focal point. The structure of the building has remained respectable. Shop windows and front doors continue. This way the daylight flows in richly. Each This gives the store a very open feel, and you are drawn to it.” “To reflect the urban feel, we also worked in layers with bespoke clothes and shelves: one slightly higher or lower than the other with brick accents.” “It can be set up flexibly. It brings texture and structure as in the city. The second focal point is the angle of the mirror and a kind of “denim point.” “People want to try something on and see which jacket, pants, or dress fits them and looks good. How they look in pants, jacket or dress. At the jeans point of view, we collect old jeans for recycling,” says store manager Jock Tak. For young minds, it all started in 1972, now 50 years ago. “My father Levin started the first store in Brooklyn in Klein St. Janstraat. After a layover at Lange Steenstraat, Brooklyn settled permanently at Korte Steenstraat in 1986. Whoever said Brooklyn thought of pants and vice versa,” Obie laughs. “Obviously we’re no longer in the late ’60s, there’s more to it: Brooklyn was A store for “young people,” and now for “young minds.” With this investment, the West Flemish family fashion chain is committed to the pace of revamping all of its stores.” Retail faces a number of major challenges, and we are well aware of this. We believe that with this new concept we are ready for what is to come. For example, the space was created to allow Brooklyn’s sustainable ringside to fully develop, and online and online shopping flow seamlessly into each other in-store,” says Ubbe. “In this way, we want to define ourselves more as a multi-brand store in your area. , both through our stone stores and our renewed online store. We believe that the future belongs to those who take the future in their own hands. We are ready for that. (PVH)

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