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Reflection walk in Houthaven Park - News

Reflection walk in Houthaven Park – News


Due to the closure, there is a lot of walking again. Arcades come in all shapes and sizes, including this tour that takes you through a modern Christmas story.

From December 22 to 26 there Five boards in Houthaven Park. In five minutes, you will be taken along a modern Christmas story linked to the housing crisis in Amsterdam. These five signs in the park opposite the Bar Hout are meant to get you thinking.

whole month
About what? More space in the city! For whom is there a place in Amsterdam and for whom will I save a place? December is one of the busiest months of the year; Our agendas are full and our “minds and hearts are constantly occupied”. Since we now have very little space left, the initiative is very consciously looking for space. “Because without space there is no life between us. Rich or poor, buy or rent: everyone is looking for a place to be.”

This initiative that space between Hot, comes from a tube Amsterdam Hebron.This neighborhood church on the Polanenstraat is eager for the Spaarndammerbuurt to grow. Jurgen De Bruyne He is the pastor of this church. He is also known as the patron of Sparndamrport.

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