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Brothers or sons?  It can be both American Jax and Jett |  a stranger

Brothers or sons? It can be both American Jax and Jett | a stranger

American Jett and Jax Salyers are officially cousins, but anyone who looks at their DNA will immediately say they’re brothers. All this can be traced back to their parents, all four identical twins.

when? Let’s start from the beginning. Identical sisters Brittany and Brianna met identical twin brothers Joshua and Jeremy Saliers a few years ago. They fell in love and got married. Just to be clear: Brianna with Jeremy and Brittany with Joshua. Not long after, the two sisters got pregnant around the same time, yes, and they have two sons: Jax and Jett.

Nephews hardly differ in age nor do they differ in DNA. They are called “quadruple” twins. This type of twins are not true twins because they both have different fathers and mothers. But both parents are identical twins.


Twins can arise in two different ways. For example, two eggs can be fertilized with sperm cells. Then one talks about fraternal twins. Brianna and Brittany (plus Josh and Jeremy) have identical twins. This means that one egg is fertilized by one sperm cell, and after fertilization the egg splits into two, resulting in the formation of two different embryos.

These embryos have almost the same DNA because they originated from the same egg cell and sperm cell. For example, this ensures that these twins often look alike. In fraternal twins, the difference in DNA is just as great as in siblings. The only difference is that they are both the same age.

So quadruplets can never arise if fraternal twins breed with each other. The DNA of both parents and children is very different. The fact that the DNA of cousins ​​Jax and Jet is very similar is that the DNA of the parents is almost identical.


The DNA of Jax and Jett is not completely identical, because they originate from two different cells of an egg and a sperm cell. And because both parents can have some slight differences.

However, it is of course very exceptional. And Jax and Jett’s parents make good use of this. The so-called Salyerstwins now has more than 174,000 followers on Instagram. Here they share videos and photos about their family life. It is also very special, because both families live under one roof.

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