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Bruno Lambert watches a series on West Flemish in the US: “Hotel shared with Joe Biden”

Bruno Lambert has created a new series in which he visits people from the West Flanders in the United States along with Penta Reason’s Peter Demuyink. The series will soon air on regional television. “Each of these wonderful stories,” Bruno says.

Bruno Lambert, 49, is PR and marketing manager at Piercosteel in Emeljem. Izegem is well known locally and is home to many markets. He has already filmed two series ‘Pass Over Hobby’ for regional television, in which he portrayed entrepreneurs from the region and told their story based on their entertainment.

“The series will end soon, and then (April 8 Friday, red.) We begin the new series ‘(D) Home in America’. There has been a lot of research on this. We wanted to tell the story of those who actually built their lives there, not someone who stayed there for three months of the year.

Cousin Kirt Bourgeois

A cameraman was with Bruno Lambert, but so was Peter Demuin Sub of the path From Bruno. “Peter knows America as the back of his hand, and I can not imagine a better guide. I myself have already been to the United States many times because I helped to map out motorcycle vacations. In time. “

“The focus was on the person whose story we want to tell. They all belong to West Flanders, but each time with different profiles. Thanks to the contacts with the US Embassy, ​​we were able to do our job smoothly.

Six episodes each last ten minutes, with a portrait of West Fleming drawn in seven minutes, with the central guest in the last three minutes, but Peter Demuink offers some travelogues. Kasteelbrouwerij’s nitro beer program also has a common thread.

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“The launch of Kasteel USA introduced a brand new can range: Nitro Infused Belgian Traditional Pierce. We always brought with us some cans for our guests, which we drank together. Nitro beer contains nitrogen instead of carbon dioxide.

The stories are very different. “For example, in Henderson, 30 minutes from Las Vegas, we met Yuri and Anja Ardenoy from Harrellbach. The couple left several years ago with some suitcases to start their new life. With red rocks, there is a natural gem in their backyard. He lives in the suburbs of Chicago with his wife and two daughters, from where he sells Belgian chocolate to the best American supermarkets.

“Traveling on the Chicago River is a must. Marijn Verguin (from Ypres) lives with her husband in the shell near Yellowstone. Horse lovers from all over the world come to enjoy the unique approach and beautiful scenery.

9/11 Remembrance

“We met Sophie Pok (mon (Ventuen) in Florida, who recently moved from Miami to Naples with her Cuban husband. Climate and nature have become essential to her. Talenknobbel Sofie invited us to her home for a good chat.

Sophia Vandale (Roeselare) is the sister of chef Bart Vandel (husband of Belka Cafe and Crete de Geiser). “As General Manager, he gave us a glimpse of his life from the presidential suite at the luxurious Intercontinental Barclay Hotel near Times Square in New York. First shake hands with the President and then go for a walk along the Hudson River. We slept under the same roof as the President and watched the power deployment of security measures.

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If there’s one West Fleming who knows Houston in Texas as much as anyone else, it’s Philip Cross (Warecom). “He built his own ‘Hilton’ hotel and became the ‘Best Man of the Year’. A welcome and inspiring person who is respected by all.”

Peter and Bruno ended their American adventure in the capital, Washington. They look back on their tour through the states where they met six inspiring West Flemings in exceptional places. Here, too, American expert Peter Demuin offers good travel tips. This time the Capitol and the White House are in the background.