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Brussels Airlines strike continues on Monday: 'Management shoots itself' |  for travel

Brussels Airlines strike continues on Monday: ‘Management shoots itself’ | for travel

The strike at Brussels Airlines will continue on Monday. The unions reject the default notice from the airline’s management. Apparently the “management is shooting in the foot with this”. And employees have already campaigned several times in recent months for structural solutions to tackle the heavy workload.

Management threatened legal action if the strike was not called off by 11 am. After that, the expected losses – estimated at 2.5 million euros – will be compensated by the unions.

“Stand in our right place”

But unions do not comply with this request. “We are right in our shoes. Two strike notices are pending,” said Olivier van Kamp of the BBTK socialist union.

Tim Rolandt of the liberal union ACLVB also confirmed that the strike would continue. He notes that there have been enough “soft measures” and warnings in recent months. He regrets that the focus is now on this controversy. It appears that “instead, the real problems of the employees can be better handled”.

1000 employees left

The kernel of the problem is the Collective Labor Agreement that was made in the middle of last year, after a major overhaul of Reboot Plus. In that restructuring, 30 percent of the flight schedule was canceled and about 1,000 employees had to leave.

The employees who remained had to be satisfied with a wage loss of about 10 percent and an increase in productivity. So work more for less. According to the trade unions, flight and rest times for cabin crew are also not respected and staff planning is a mess.

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