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Building Consortium: “26,000-37,000 euros to renovate a house for a D designation” |  climate agreement

Building Consortium: “26,000-37,000 euros to renovate a house for a D designation” | climate agreement

The building association estimates that an investment of 26,000 to 37,000 euros is required to renovate a house from an E or F label to a D label. This is reported by the building association. The sector organization expects the renewal rate to triple now that there has been a commitment to renew.

The Flemish government has decided to make renovation mandatory from 2023 for those who buy an energy-consuming home. Anyone who buys a home of grade E or less must make the necessary efforts within five years to raise the building to level D. Interest-free loans are provided for this.

roof veneer insulation

The Building Consortium calculates how much the most obvious interventions will cost and also require the least investment. This relates to roof shell insulation according to current standards (5,000 to 12,500 euros), new exterior carpentry (15,000 euros) and a new condensing boiler (6,000 to 10,000 euros). In total, therefore, it comes to an amount of between 26,000 and 37,000 euros.

In order to achieve the ultimate goals of 2050, there are still other important interventions, such as insulation of external walls. These interventions require significant additional investment. But it can be implemented in stages,” says the union.

“There is no absolute obligation”

The Building Union also speaks of “absolute lack of commitment” because every family can still decide to buy another home without a vital commitment to renovation. It seems that “it is also positive that the potential buyer is now encouraged to think in terms of a housing budget in order to have a very efficient home and not just a purchase budget.”

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According to the Construction Association, at the current rate at which homes are being sold, more than 90 percent of existing homes will be effectively renovated by 2050. The rate of home sales is higher than the rate of new home construction. “By linking the active renewal commitment to the sale of a home, the renewal rate will triple,” the union stated.