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Buying a PS5?  Sony leases planes to fly over PlayStation

Buying a PS5? Sony leases planes to fly over PlayStation

Still looking for PS5? Sony is doing its best to get enough hardware here. They even in the UK charter planes for that.

PS5 fix for Christmas? This is not as easy as it seems. Sony is still struggling with a huge backlog in its production due to a shortage of semiconductors. This makes it difficult for Sony to ramp up production of its game consoles. This is amazing news, because in ten days Sony will celebrate the first anniversary of the PlayStation 5. A year later, the company still can’t keep up with the massive demand.

Rent a Boeing 747s

Although Sony is doing all it can to make and ship enough units. The British newspaper writes the sun The company leases jumbo jets to ship goods to the United Kingdom. The first flight, Korea Air Cargo Flight KE9503, flew between Seoul and London on November 1. Three Boeing 747s will fly between the UK and Asia before mid-November.

Usually, Sony ships its game console with large container ships from production sites in Asia to Europe. Now that they’ve chartered planes, it looks like they either can’t get enough container capacity to ship enough units to the UK, or they want to move the units faster. This makes sense, because holidays are traditionally the heyday for game console makers. Especially now that the PS5 has been out for about a year, players are gradually getting impatient.

It is not yet known if Sony will also send devices to the European mainland by plane, although that seems likely. It will enable Sony to ship units from Asia to Europe more quickly. Submitted earlier this year Sony CFO Hiroki Totoki It announced that enough chips have been purchased to produce 14.8 million PS5 game consoles by 2021. Sony will likely want to put most of them on shelves before Christmas. In this case, chartering cargo planes can contribute to reducing transportation time. For example, an airplane can go the distance in half a day, while a ship takes about thirty days.

For now, deliveries are still made by container ships, which means new deliveries are only made to Belgian and Dutch retailers every few weeks. For example, in October, the PS5s were pulled (paid) at Coolblue. Although you often have to buy games and accessories.

Do you own a Sony Web Store?

However, there is another glimmer of hope. Earlier this year, Sony planned to open a PlayStation Direct store in Europe. The Japanese manufacturer wants to sell its game consoles, games, consoles and headphones via its web store. They are already doing it in the United States.

We previously wrote that Sony was looking for it official (British) For the European PlayStation Direct Store. It seems that they found it, because in Presentation to the company From PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan, it can be read that the PlayStation Direct store will arrive in Europe in 2021.

In addition to opening the PlayStation Direct store in the UK, the online store will also come to the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France and Ireland.

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