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Emoji panel and other features Windows 11 doesn't work properly anymore

Emoji panel and other features Windows 11 doesn’t work properly anymore

There are also issues with the on-screen keyboard and tips page in Windows 11. Other complaints are about S mode: when enabled, some people are unable to adjust certain settings.

The issue has been around since October 31, and it’s not entirely clear how many users are affected. Microsoft has patch It has been made available, but it is still in the preview stage and must be downloaded manually via Windows Update.

The Snipping Tool, which is for screenshots, has also stopped working since October 31. There is no correction for that yet. Microsoft advises people to use the Print Screen button again the old fashioned way.

It is not known when and how Microsoft plans to solve this problem.

new operating system

Windows 11 is the company’s latest operating system, which was released on October 4. The new version of Windows has a new look and offers, among other things, more support for Microsoft Teams and the use of multiple desktop computers.

For now, Windows 10 users don’t need to switch. Legacy OS will not be supported until October 2025.

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