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Cabinet dare loosen the bridle a little: expected relaxation

Cabinet dare loosen the bridle a little: expected relaxation

The number of new hospital admissions appears to be declining cautiously, and due to the favorable outlook, the government is once again daring to take risks.

The Cabinet will announce that the stands can be opened, although strict beer rules apply. We can also say goodbye to the curfew after three months.

Circumstances on the balcony

RTL news insiders reported yesterday that a maximum of two visitors from different families are allowed to sit at a table on the balcony or several visitors belonging to the family. A maximum of 50 guests are welcome on each balcony.

Hanging out on the balcony all evening is not an option. The locker also contains a start and end time for the catering industry: Terraces may be open from 12:00 to 18:00.

For a long time, relaxation could not be implemented, but this weekend after the Catshuis cabinet meeting, the cabinet spoke of “positive signals”.

Current infection numbers remain high, but if one takes a broader look at vaccination coverage, the number of people who have contracted the coronavirus and recent hospital admissions stabilization, the government sees room for relaxation.

Yesterday, outgoing Minister Fred Graberhouse spoke of a “more positive mind”. “The light appears to be shining behind the clouds,” said Graberhouse. And Ernst Kuippers of the National Acute Care Network also cautiously sees the situation in hospitals changing. Kuibers did not state that the facilities should be introduced step-by-step.

“The first step to more freedom”

“For the cabinet, this is the first step towards more freedom, but OMT is said to be unhappy with all this relaxation,” says political reporter Vons Lambie. “There is room in the forecast for the coming weeks and the government is using this room immediately.”

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Curfew and home visiting

The curfew – which took effect on January 23 – will be canceled from April 28, according to insiders. This means that the strict measure will expire after three months. In addition, the cabinet will reduce the home visit scheme from one visitor to a maximum of two.


Tonight’s press conference should also explain how unnecessary stores can reopen under certain circumstances. According to informed sources, soon the stores will be able to receive customers without an appointment. There will be a maximum number of customers per square meter, and most likely one customer per 25 square meters.


The shops must ensure that they are not crowded on the street or in the waiting lists in front of the shops. Retailer associations can play a role. Restaurant goers will also be jointly responsible for enforcing the Corona rules around their balconies.

There is also good news for students. As previously announced, starting Monday, April 26th, they will be able to pursue physical education at a rate of one day per week in higher vocational education and university.

under pressure

“In recent weeks, Corona’s policy has come under increasing pressure, with increasing criticism and less and less support,” Lambie says.

“The slow start to the inoculation, the scans with different roadmaps and doubts about the testing community, mean that Rutte and De Jonge can use some good news. It will be presented tonight with terms, warnings, and caution, but the Netherlands can finally get a little open.”

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7:00 pm press conference

The press conference with outgoing Prime Minister Rutte and Minister De Jong will take place tonight at 7 pm. We broadcast the press conference live via RTL Nieuws, RTL Z, and this website.