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Hospitals, GGD, GPs, Red Cross and care groups ...

Hospitals, GGD, GPs, Red Cross and care groups …

On their websites, the welfare organizations share a personal appeal to all residents of Kennemerland and ask them to show solidarity with each other and with care.

The appeal begins with a reference to the applause for Healthcare, on March 17, 2020. Note that sentiments have changed since then. For the time being, there is a fundamental call to relax measures.

“While we are in a stage where solidarity is only becoming more important. We have started vaccination and we are also ready in our area to inject the population massively and protect them from the virus that has been holding us back for a very long time.”

“At the moment, more people in our area are still being tested than they are being vaccinated. The number of infections is still alarmingly high. We are at a critical stage when it comes to fighting COVID-19,” health care institutions wrote.

“In recent weeks, hospital utilization has increased faster than capacity. Transporting patients requires a great deal of creativity and flexibility, and is sometimes no longer possible. After more than a year of applause, the champions of care are still walking on their gums. All of our organizations operate from For you seven days a week. “

“Right now, as we are shouting about mitigation, it is important to realize that we are facing the effects of Covid-19, seven days a week, day and night. We are still fighting. Keep doing it. We do it with pride and love, but we cannot do it without you. We also have to do this last part together. “

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The call was signed by: Huisartsen Midden Kennemerland, Red Cross, Spaarne Gasthuis, Kennemerland Safety Region, Cruquius, Kennemerhart, ViVa! Zorggroep, GGZ inGeest, Red Cross Hospital, Hartekamp Groep, Heliomare, Zorgbalans, Parnassia.