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Cambré and Nix take over "De Kiekeboes" from Merho

Cambré and Nix take over “De Kiekeboes” from Merho

With was published on September 6 end of the season the last GlanceMerho Album or Robert Merhottein (74). But the series does not stop after 164 albums, together selling about 30 million copies. At De Warande in Turnhout where the cartoonist was a guest Welcome to AAMerho announced that he will be passing the baton to Charel Cambré and Nix, both well-known names in the world of comics.

Cambri signed, among others Amora RecordsIt is published every Monday on the last page of the morning. In collaboration with Marc Legendre, he provides an uncompromising look at current affairs in Heden Verse Vis – and sometimes also in this newspaper. Nicks, whose real name is Marnix Verduin, is known for his comedy Strange and comforting.

According to Merho, it will be a “reset,” and the series will take a different direction, both in terms of content and visuals. “success Kikipo “He always thrived on his sense of humour,” he says in a press release from Standard Uitgeverij. “And the humor is very personal and difficult to imitate. So it’s not a weak copy of the original.

It has not yet been revealed exactly what this new line entails. “But expect more from Fanny,” Cambri himself gives a hint. He certainly shouldn’t expect any interference from Merho. It says: “I leave Kikipo relaxed.”

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