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Nano 8.0 version comes with better shortcut keys for cutting and pasting and a new search function – Computer – News

There is a major version of Nano, the popular terminal editor that comes standard in most major Linux distributions. Version 8.0 includes more comprehensive navigation. Copy, paste, and exit links from the editor now make more sense.

The update for Nano 8.0 is called “Grus gru”. It’s the first update in over a year for the popular editor and one of the biggest updates yet. in Release notes There are some major tweaks to the editor. What’s most noticeable is that the keyboard shortcut links have been modified. This never made sense in nano; To cut and paste, users always had to use ^k and ^u. These orders have become more logical. For cut, copy, and paste, users can now use ^x, ^c, ^v, and ^r to replace the term. The editor can be closed with ^q in the future. Furthermore, the commands to find text, write a file, and more have been changed.

The search function in the editor has been improved and can now be called using ^f. The editor searches forward by default. to Search back Users can use ^b.

In Nano 8.0, it is also possible to open a file directly on a specific row number. There are also minor improvements in the editor, so that the cursor no longer moves on hover, but only the text window.

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