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Camera keys in Android 12: Control your smartphone with your face

Camera switches allow users to control their smartphone with their face. It is part of the Accessibility Suite in Android 12.

Android Accessibility Suite beta is part of the fourth and final beta version of Android 12. It’s just Available For Pixel smartphones. Camera keys allow you to control your phone using facial expressions. she was XDA Developers That made fun of the new job.

The wing part can detect when you smile or raise your eyebrow. With these actions, you can, for example, open the notifications menu or settings. You can also swipe with your mouth open. In total, you can program six expressions for dozens of different actions in Android 12. The strength of the facial movement can also be adjusted to prevent you from accidentally activating the functions.

Camera keys expand the options

Camera switches are based on the Switch Access feature within the Android Accessibility suite. Covers every way to operate your phone without touching the touch screen. Depending on the circumstances, this can be done using an external device, such as a keyboard (via USB or Bluetooth), or using the physical buttons of your smartphone.

In this regard, the camera switches expand these possibilities with facial expressions. Since most users have gotten used to activating their phones with Face ID or a similar scanner in recent years, the extension doesn’t have to feel that weird.

When the camera switches are active, a notification will keep you informed. The privacy dashboard for Android 12 lets you know when your camera and microphone are being used. Perhaps this additional message is somewhat redundant.

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All in all, it is a new feature that will undoubtedly come in handy, both for users with disabilities and for those who want to try out new features.