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Apple has several events planned for fall 2021.

Apple has several events planned for fall 2021.

like every year An apple Another event is expected in September this year, where the iPhone 13 series will be the most significant announcement. In the last edition From his Power On newsletter, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman summarizes the number of new products from Apple. It’s unable to provide many new details, which makes it more summary of what’s to come.

September event met iPhone 13 in Apple Watch

The September event, like every year, is all about Iphone and the Apple Watch. The iPhone 13 line consists of four models with the same sizes iPhone 12. Gorman says the main improvements are in the screen and camera. repeat portretvideo in de iPhone 13 Pro And two other innovations, which were already announced last week.

The screen gets a smaller refresh and ProMotion support, which means the refresh rate is higher and scrolling and animations are smoother. Even though the iPhone doesn’t get a huge upgrade, choose An apple ok for the name iPhone 13Gorman said. The smaller notch and second year of 5G will be reason enough for Apple iPhone 13 to pick.

Apple also has several products planned in terms of wearables. the Apple Watch Series 7 It gets a slight redesign, where The screen is flat and gets new technology. Fitness+ also gets some new features, Time to Run and Audio Meditation. You can then run and meditate under the supervision of celebrities, just as you currently do walking time function.

AirPods are getting their biggest redesign in years. The standard form is more like AirPods ProWith a more ear-like design and shorter sticks. However, it is still not clear whether rubber earplugs are necessary and whether they are really in-ear AirPods He goes. Also read our previous review about AirPods 3 rumors.

the new iPad mini 6 It is a brand new model with new design and better specifications. It’s the biggest update of iPad mini Not at all, says Gorman. It might be new iPad mini Very similar to iPad Air 2020, so without a home button and with clean edges and a file Connection IDSensor in the power button. There will also be a newer 2021 iPad, with a better chip. However, it is not clear when Apple will release this IPAD will be announced.

Fall ends with new MacBooks with the M1X

Fall ends with the new Apple MacBook ProModels with the M1X chip. The new 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro with Apple silicone It should go on sale, according to Gurman, once it hits its current 16″ size MacBook Pro Celebrating his second birthday. This model appeared in mid-November 2019. It is likely that Apple will hold a separate event for this, just like last year for Apple silicone– It happened in November.

It is not entirely clear from Mark Gorman’s story how many events will actually take place. Apple can split ads into two events: September with IphoneAnd Apple WatchAnd AirPods in a IPAD And November with the new MacBook. Another option is for Apple to give iPads a separate event in October, as it has in the past. Read also Apple product roundup for 2021 For a larger overview of what’s to come.

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